Thursday, August 13, 2009

The apartment is coming along...

Guest room area- the jewelery moves when I am not expecting clients, and the under piece pops up to full height- people tell us the beds are really comfortable.

Studio side of the room. Ther ecolour you see runs through the whole front of the apartment and the guest room/studio. I know it looks white in the pictures, but it really is not. You can see the difference when you look at the wall compared to the dresser (which has some empty space for long term visiting guests.

Ok, so it is not pristene yet, but considering we have been in here for roughly a week I think we are doing pretty well unpacking-wise.

Guess whose room we are visiting now?

Her kitchen is defintly nicer than ones I had in Toronto!

Is there any little girl who would nto love this room?

hallway leading to bedrooms containing a bokshelf and the panty. The linen closet is opposite the pantry. Our room is on the left of the book case, Channah's room is across the hell on the right (just beyond the pantry). The guest room is right before the pantry closet on the same side.
Our rom, the bathroom and hpefully the main room later on tonight or tomorrow.

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