Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time flies!

According to the Hebrew calender We have now finished our "Shana Rishona", our first year as hero olim. According to anything we hard, the first year is always the hardest if that is really the case than from now on life should be a piece of cake. Seriously, this past year has been the best of my life. (Obviously Single cents stand at prior to this but as a whole this was the best year.)

And now, at the six month mark I am putting up a list of thing we have come to accept as being part of Israeli life row you get He otter half. Ways in which we have rot acculturated and for the most part doubt we ever will.

1) mayonnaise-tel mans all the way. I do not care what I need to pay for it, the Israeli stuff is disgusting.

21 am Sony. I know the Kineret is draining fast, but if I do not get my daily shower I feel subhuman. No I an not calling you subhuman if you do not slower-just if you do not use deodorant and have used the elevator I need in the last hour so that I gag getting in and hold my breath no matter how long I am in there.

3) I still pretty much assume a stone will sell whatever it is they see. d do not assume the shoe store will be out of shoes and selling toys instead.

4) I am still naive enough to hope for -some -customer service. (this includes delivering Thing The day you tell re you are going to or remembering to complete the entire job I am paying you to do.

s) No, I do not want jump or to a moving bus.

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