Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Small update- pictures to follow in a couple days

Wc are almost entirely out of the old apartment. Just need to finish cleaning it and then whitewash it next week. Not a huge deal. Jason will probably spend Friday morning over there then the painter will go in next week.

Oh, did I mention the landlord is trying to charge us for 2 aronot the last tenants told us were theirs? They were falling apart So we just got rid of them once we no longer needed them. We rented an unfurnished apartment with a stove and oven. Nothing about aronot.

I am so glad to be away from that. The apartment is in great condition (better than we got it) So if be does try to tack on any other charges l will pull out th pictures I took before the old people moved out!

This place is coming along really well. the colors we close look fantastic, and for th most part th furniture fits perfectly.

Channah's room is finished entirely (or will be this afternoon once Handy Randy is here to put p her hooks and artwork. Our room is almost done as well. We even got new micro fibre sheets (40 shek a set on sale at Ace!)Got a few things for Randy to put p and a dresser drawer for him to fix, but once those are done it will be another 20 minutes or so to finish it all up.

Once the mirrors go p today both washrooms are done. Channah's is done in rubber duckies and is super cute. Lots of blue and yellow.

The kitchen is organized, spotless and all in all amazing Even the half-sized sinks are not as bad as if thought they would be. Less room for dishes to pile up.

Studio is still full of boxes, but once my shelves go up this appearance I can really get to work getting set up. living Room is still box-heaven but overall thing are coming along nicely.

Tonight we are looking forward to going out to see the mishpucha in Ginot Shomron. It Should be fun. Yay for family on th Same continent!

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