Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tisha Bav- photo edition

Driving up to the old city traffic was a nightmare!

at the top of mamila, right before you go up the steps to shar yafo was this weird thing. A goat. And fish. Sure.

Coming up to the old city from mamila

first good view of the kotel. Jason, not having been there in a number of months had to tear kriah- something one does in the deepest mourning. He said doing it on tisha b'av was a very strange feeling. The sea of people was astounding. What I found most interesting, is the cross section of Jews that was represented. Everything from the shtarkest of the yerushalmis to the most secular of the chilonim (but even so still wearing shawels over their heads and shoulders.

coming down the steps

the menorah built by the mishkan temple institute (I think) for use in the 3rd Beit Hamikdash. It is about half way up the steps to the Rovah (and moriah bookstore) and almost always has a kippah selling guy in front of it. It fulfils what the machon hamikdash oppinion is of all the details of the original.

The spot where the holiest of places may once have stood.

One of the exits from the old city. No busses at this time of night, but people using the exit to walk to local stops and taxi stands.

Where people would once have gathered before enteringthe Bait Hamikdash.

This is what is there now- certainly not our Bait Hamikdash.

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Grace said...

Oh wow. How could anyone not stand there and cry a river of tears?