Monday, August 24, 2009

A time to reflect

There are many events on the calendar this time of year that make it a good time to reflect. Last year our Rabbi gave the "what changes have you made in your life recently" speech. Having only being in the country for 7 weeks it was not the most inspirational speech. Living in Toronto we always felt that we were not where we were supposed to be.

Channah is thriving. We have been able to give her oppurtunities that we could not give her in Toronto. She speaks hebrew beautifully and has tons of friends. She has a deep connection to Jewish history as she can literally trip over it, different places we go. She has a level of self-confidence by being able to give her a level of independence that would make set off alarms at any Child Services office in North America.

Rachel has been able to be succesful doing her dream job in the luxury of our home. Her hebrew is very advanced allowing her to be comfortable in most situations. We have developed close friendships in a very short period of time. We took the first half of the year, before I started work to explore the country. She still takes advantage of oppurtunities to see and learn about other parts of the country.

I have found a job that I am good at. I have a great employer and business is growing. I have a regular learning schedule and a close relationship with our Rabbi. I have adjusted to accept the difficulties of how hard it make the 10 hour commute for 2 hours of ice. On the other hand playing in the ice hockey tournament was one of the highlights of the year.

My bitachon and emunah have been restored. Even when it has looked like we received a tough break, I have seen it as been guided to a better oppurtunity. In general that is how things have turned out.