Thursday, August 20, 2009

More apartment pictures

New shower curtain (picture for Naomi ;) )

living room/dining room. taken post play date so there are some toys around. bookshelves still need to be organized, but all the artwork is up and things are taking shape well.

During the week we only need 3 seats at the table so it is pushed against the wall to have more room for Channah to play. When we have guests we pull it out and can extend it fully and walk around it no trouble.

kitchen. sorry about the stuff all over the counters. it is all clean and drying- need to either find my drying racks or get new ones. I figured it was better to snap while there was clean stuff than after I start cooking for shabbat.


Shelly said...

It looks so awesome and put together! My house doesn't look so good!

happyduck1979 said...