Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our day in Tel Aviv

Last week, I had a rush order to Channah and I went in to Tel Aviv to pick up supplies. Normally I hate having to go in to Tel Aviv, but I had totally forgotten that since it was a Tuesday the artist's shuk and Nachlat Binyamin was going to be open, so Channah and I ended up spending a great afternoon wandering amongst the booths. Once out water bottles were empty we "splurged" on a lemonade at a cafe on the side of the street. Ok, so it was Israeli lemon-aide wannabe, but it was icy cold at when it is 110 degrees outside you take shade, air conditioning and a cold drink when it is offered!

None of my pictures from the shuk turned out well- everything looks totally black as the sun was so insanely bright, but I got a few indoor shots I thought I would share.

On the train on the way to Tel Aviv. She has become quite the accomplished little traveler. It was cooler here so I totally forgot to grab a hat for her- especially since I was not planning on spending the afternoon outside.

That problem was solved when she fell in love with a cute tinkerbell bucket hat. This was the cafe where we enjoyed our air conditioning.

waiting for the train home

the train home.

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