Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As promised, here is a picture post.

Yesterday we took Channah to the Bloomfield Musiyon Shel Madah (Science Museum). It is not exactly the Science Centre, but we had a good time and she is looking forward to going back at some point. There were lots of things for her to play with and touch and manupulate. There was even an arts and crafts program where she made a spinning disc thing.

Here she is watching a thing where she manipulates a massive magnet to raise and release huge chains. She controlled it with a foot pedal.

There was a whole exhibit on vacuum and how it worked. This thing let kids make the ball "hover".

I don't remember what she was doing here but I like the picture.

Jason playing with blocks.

Channah building a ball maze. Big slope, lots of blocks to build with. There was actually a great big ball release machine and she had a lot of fun with it. I could not get a good picture as it just looked like a mess of steel tubing.

Channah getting a giraffe eye view on the world. There was a periscope inside the giraffe.

After we were done at the museum we went to the old city for Maariv and dinner. We got treated to an awesome "concert" at the kotel. There had been a reenlitment ceremony and after it was done a bunch of the dati soldiers were standing and singing at the wall. I have a short video of it below. It was gorgeous to listen to!

A shot of the kotel as we were walking up the (bazillion) steps to go get dinner.

As I said above, here is the video. Enjoy :) We certainly did.

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Adina said...

looks like a fun trip! channah used to look exactly like your dh but as she gets older, there is something that is reminding me a lot of you!