Thursday, November 6, 2008

One more exhibit from the science museum

So there was this one exhibit at the science museum. It was sponsored by Cellcom (one of the big cell phone providers here). The context was that it was all about communication (as any exhibit sponsored by a cell phone company should be).

The way it worked is that there were these puppets (sort of like marionettes I guess) on the walls. You were able to "interact" with them by dialing in with your cell phone. Each one had their own phone number, and when you dialed in you could use your phone like a remote control and make them move and dance.

Remember- in Israel you pay for all outgoing calls. Incoming ones are free.

so Cellcom was generously sponsoring a small exhibit that had visitors making outgoing calls (for which, in our case as we are Cellcom users) and thus giving them money.

As silly and as ironic as it wass we were amused.


Shelly said...

Dont all outgoing calls cost money for all cellphone companies?

happyduck1979 said...

I assume so, but there are often "free numbers" (ie, * something or whatever)