Monday, November 10, 2008

Wheee- freedom!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned here before that in Israel you have to sift all your flour before you use it to make sure it is not buggy.

I am not sure if I mentioned how much I HATE sifting flour and how no matter how neat I try to keep it I always end up making a huge mess as when I shake the sifter flour seems to go EVERYWHERE if there is even the slightest breeze (and lets not mention the first time I did it where it did not occur to me not to do it directly under the ceiling fan. The next morning it looked like no one had dusted in a hundred years or so).

I had been told that there was a different sort of sifter you could buy that had a hand crank and a squeegee sort of thing that spins around to push the flour through the sifter, but no one I knew had one, and no one seemed to know where to get one (incidentally, there are also electric ones but they are really expensive and just not worth it to my mind. I might hate it, but I do not hate it multiple hundreds of shekel worth).

Yesterday while wandering a non-local hardware store (which here in Israel tend to have hardware, kitchen ware, storage stuff, and sometimes toys) Jason found one of the spinning ones! It was a bit of a splurge (basically only a few shekel more than the normal one we have, but as we already have a normal one and this was not really a "necessity" the whole cost was a splurge) but I am in HEAVEN! Sooooooooo much easier and less messy and patchkadic than the other way!

I think I will take a go at actually baking a dessert for shabbat this week to celebrate. Until now I have been a real tightwad with my flour as I knew that if I used it I would have to sift more (I generally keep about a kilo pre sifted in a container).

Also, for those wondering about our menus here I have started a 2nd location at Kosher Quick with recipies and information on our kitchen life here where eating out is an insane luxury and prepackaged food is not worth the money or the freezer space. With no family to fall back on we pretty much eat at home every night, so we are needing to find good, healthy, cheap meals that are not too boring. I just loaded it yestarday so more recipies and information will go up as I get around to it.


Chaya Tova said...

which store?

happyduck1979 said...

hardware store next to the post office in Bet. 50 nis.

Shelly said...

Do you have to sift the whole bag at once or sift as you use it? Have you ever seen a bug in it??

I heard a trick that keeping flour in the freezer keeps bugs out. As well as a big tupperware

happyduck1979 said...

I do a bag at a time for convienience. 1 kg. I do not have the room in my freezer to keep it there, so sturdy tupperware it is.