Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fashion show

We have noticed in the last couple of weeks that Channah was rapidly growing out of most of her clothing. Skirts that we bought just before we came or when we got here are now too short to wear to school. She has one awesome jean skirt that will fit for a while, but other than that she had nothing for school. She also needed some long sleeve shirts as we did not bring many with us as she had already outgrown most of her stuff from last year.

We got half way through the photo session before the battery in my camera died, so here is what we got. I will try to post the rest soon.

We got 5 shirts, 2 outfits that consist of a hoodie and a skirt (on adidas style one with an ankle length skirt instead of pants in white with pink stripes and one grey fleece with pink and white ruffles and cuffs- I almost did not even pick up either one beucase the old life part of my head just assumed they would be pants!), 1 other navy blue skirt made of fleece with a ruffle at the bottom and a drawstring so it should fit for a while (we bought it long and will just do it up tight) and one white fleece zip-up sweatshirt. We also got 5 pairs of tights (2 white, one pink... got to give in to the kid sometimes!).

Ok, this one is so you can see the one remaining skirt we had. I got her the Tshirt when I was in Montreal with Mom and Deb before we left. Oh, do take note of her uber-cool socks with sandals look.

Yes I know the polo shirts are very Chareidi looking, but they are juts so darn cute! I figure so long as I pair them with a jean skirt or something and not a perfectly matching skirt she can pull it off.

This shirt is very "in" here right now. It wraps around and around and around and looks aweful on most adults (who have some sort of figure) but really super cute on kids. Not the best picture of it, but it is really adorable.

Pictures of the skirts and cute athletic outfits at some lter point. This should hold over the "I need pictures of Channah" withdrawel for a couple of days.


Shelly said...

I love that serious picture of her. Like she's going into modeling :) And look at all that hair! So pretty!

Laura Tenenbaum said...

OH MY.....she is just adorable!!!

happyduck1979 said...

thanks :)

I follow your pictures on FB. I can not believe how big he is getting! How are you guys doing?