Thursday, November 13, 2008

First chutz l'aretz guests

We had uncle Robert and aunty Julea over for dinner last night. Yes they did the nice thing and offered to take the Israeli relatives out to dinner (to Burgers Bar no less!) but we thought it would be more fun to show off a little (apart from the fact that we really just do not get out much anymore).

After a slight detour getting here they got here around 4:15 yesterday afternoon. Uncle Robert went right up the street to catch mincha at the minyan factory and aunty Julea came inside and got the grand tour. As normal it was the mirpeset that cliniched the "wow, you have a really nice place" comment. That view gets everyone!

Once uncle Robert got home from shul we had dinner. I had gone all out with soup (tomato bean) and a main course (garlic salmon, green beans and Israeli sesame cous cous). We normally we only do one or the other. Soup with pita is a meal in itself. Channah and I even made chocolate chip cookies after school for dessert (we never have anything other than maybe a freezie for Channah for dessert during the week).

Aunty Julea played Santa pulling stuff from home out of her big read bag. Today I am wearing new real Canadian tight, a new long sleeve shirt :) (Thank you mommy!) I put leftovers away last night in real ziploc bags! Jason took crystal light to ulpan todayinstead of plain water. He is going to wear new dress pants to his interview today (Thanks Mel!) and actually look like someone in the Israeli job market. (Until now he either wore half a suit and looked like he overdressed but forgot half of his outfit on the bus, or casual pants and a dress shirt and so he looked like he got dressed for two different sets of plans at the same time.)

Anyhow, we had a great visit. News from home is always nice (yes, just becuase you know everytihng going on in our lives does not mean we know about stuff back home. Either start your own blog or send us an email once in a while!).

Uncle Robert shluffed on the couch for a bit and the rest of us shmoozed. Channah went into a snit at bedtime and sent herself to her room telling us all that she was not going to be our friend anymore. Oh well. Such is life. But that is why she is not in the picture we took as they were getting ready to go.

On the whole, I am glad we decided to stay in. I think we had a much more relaxed evening than we would have had we gone out.

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