Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why yes, I have been neglecting you all...

Sorry. Thankfully work is starting to pick up so I have less "lonely at the computer" time. combine that with the fact that with the chagim over we are starting to settle into a regular routine that is, frankly, not all the interesting to post about (let alone read!) so I have not bothered with the daily nitty gritty.

Ok, I promise, big picture post coming tomorrow with pictures from today at the science museum and in the old city. I will even try to get Channah to smile for a current glamour shot.

I will also try to get Jason to give over his new stand up routine about the ridiculousness of the elections over here. Forget for a moment about Obama and McCain (what's that, you say you forgot all about it? Shame on you!), we got Lerner, Abutol, Vanknin (every time I hear his name I think of Peter Venkmin from Ghostbusters and thinking I should call him) and a party called Chen that has, to the best of my knowledge at least, no leader as I have never ever heard a name mentioned. It has tunrned into a slugfest.

In the meantime, I present

Things we should have brought but didn't.
  1. Benedryl and Buckleys. Apparently they are both Canadian phenomenons and do not exist anywhere except the great frozen north. Who knew?
  2. Ziplock bags. If you can find them here they are really, insanely expensive and the seal on them is terrible. Ditto for Saran wrap.
  3. Baking pans. Finding anything not made of foil here is a challenge.
  4. Tights. You would not think finding tights in a country where lots of women wear skirts would be a challenge, but finding anything over a size 10 is a bit of a nightmare. My legs are starting to freeze at night. If you manage to find anything here at all it is really thin stockings that tear as you put them on. Seriously not good for warmth.
  5. English reading material. I should have cleaned out a couple of second hand stores before we left and shipped their entire inventory on our lift. English books can be found, but they are really friggin' expensive! 80 shek a book is not unusual.
  6. Our succah decorations. What in the world were we thinking selling them with the succah?
  7. The contents of our bar. who would have known really?
  8. More blankets.
  9. Hangers.
  10. Sewing stuff for repairs. Again, you would think it would be readily available but for some strange reason it's not.
I am sure there are more things on this list, but this is a start.


Yaffa said...

I don't know what's available in RBS, but I know where you can find a bunch of those things next time you're in Jerusalem.

For items 2, 3, and 9 go to any one of the Big Deals. For item 6 the shuk is great the week before Sukkot, for 5 try Sefer Vesefel in the city, for 10 there's a great sewing shop across from the Mashbir downtown, for 8 IKEA in Netanya or try to catch a sale at one of the stores at Malcha like Golf Home, for 4 there are several small stores along Aggripas behind the shuk, as for Benadry (no, not only Canadian) there are plenty of Israeli versions...after all, we are home to Teva, one of the largest pharmacutical companies in the world! Just go to any SuperPharm. As for 7, yeah, you're screwed there. Wait for people to fly in and request purchases from duty free, and stock up whenever you fly.

Sorry that wasn't in numerical order, but I hope it helps!

happyduck1979 said...

cool! thank you :)

Shelly said...

Just so you know, Americans have Benadryl too!

As for blankets, I'd have to look into shipping, but we have a Beiderlack outlet here and can get fleece/sweat shirt blankets for $6

happyduck1979 said...

cool. i would love love to know what shipping would be!