Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mixing Religion with Politics

The battle for Mayor and city council has really been heating up over the past two weeks. The streets are littered with garbage campaign material. Accusations are flying about the dangers of voting for other candidates and the risk of vote splitting.

On Shabbos the Rabbi of our shul stepped in with his own take on the campaign. He had been asked earlier in the week to endorse the Haredi candidate because all of the Gedolim were endorsing him. He immediately challenged their definition of "all." A delegatation was then sent to tell him what a great guy the Haredi candidate was. He responded that there were people he knew that could spend just as much time, telling him what a great person another one of the candidates were. On Shabbos morning he announced that he was endorsing everyone to come out to the debate tonight and make a decision for themselves.

After Shabbos in a less public setting he added onto his views of the election. He could not tell is Mizrachi following to vote for the Haredi candidate when the first thing he will do is funnel education dollars into the haredi school system. In other words he will not sell out his congregation. This is especially comforting considering the school he is the principal of would be the beneficiery of the shift in school funding. I really like our Rabbi.

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