Wednesday, December 10, 2008

7 things about me

I’ve been tagged for a meme by Children Mentioned

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Seven things about me

So I got "tagged" to do a meme buy someone on whose blog I left a comment, so here goes.

1. I love making lists. Very, very detailed ones. But then I never follow them. They are more like brainstorming sessions for me than actual organizational aids.

2. I love order. I just can put everything away so that it all has its own perfect home. It will look great, be functional... I just can not seem to maintain it for longer than a nonosecond.

3. My bed MUST be nicely maid before I get into it at night. All sheets are pulled tight, blanket is smoothed out. Even when my room in high school was worse than terrible, I always made my bed right before I went to sleep. I can not sleep otherwise.

4. I really do enjoy the times where I am not being "liberated". Cooking, making things pretty and playing with Channah are my favourite times.

5. I don't drive because I can not keep my attention on the road and am afraid I will hurt others. I can drive. I just don't.

6. I really do not like large groups of other people's children. Yes there are exceptions, and small groups are okay, but too many just annoys me.

7. I hate whining. complain and bitch all you want. Happy to listen. Start whining and you are on your own. (To my family, yes I see the irony. Stooooopppp.)

Hmm, who shall I tag. Shelly. (More tags on my live journal)

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Shelly said...

Just me? Should I feel warm and fuzzy? ;)