Monday, December 8, 2008

Having fun is good for you (especially when there are camels involved).

My inlaws are here so we are taking some time to do things a little more off the beaten track (at least for us). Sunday we took Channah out of school and went down to the Dead Sea area to have some fun. We found a place called Eretz Bereshit. It is basically a whole little recreation of the time of the Avot... a sort of Bedouine experience.

You go in and you meet Eliezer (Avraham's servant) who has come forward into the future to find new guests for Avraham. Would we come and visit.

To get there we need to ride the time traveling camel. Oh, and we need to dress appropriatly. So here are our time traveling camels.

We got to Avrahams time and first went to go meet a potential dinner mate. Yess, that is a baby sheep.

From there we went in to Avrahams tent where we had dried fruit and fresh water.

Then we got to help make our pita for dinner. Channah is an excellent little baker!

We moved outside to finish making and baking our pita.

We also got to enjoy some delicious sweet sage tea.

We also got to see Avraham's futuristic bar and horseless carriage.

From there we went to Mineral Beach at the Dead Sea.

Neither Channah nor I went in (both of us have too many cuts and bruises to make goign in a fun activity), but we had fun on the beach and hiding from the flies.


Shelly said...

We did that thing with Avraham back in '99! It was awesome! I don't think we baked because it was such a large group. Or dressed up. But we had a full meal. It was neat, except I was paranoid there'd be a scary bug at night :)

jerrine said...

Great pictures looks like you all had a great time over there, and enjoying camel ride. Even i love to ride on camel when it runs.
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