Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A day in the life of a arba va'chetzi year old

Good dream. Probably something about princesses or rainbows. What? Huh? The sun is up! It must be time for me to get out of bed. Good thing I do not know how to tell time yet or I might realize that Ima and Abba do not need to get up for another hour. Then they might miss out on a whole extra hour of snuggling me.

Knock knock.

Oh goody. Somebody grunted. That means come in and crawl into bed with me and starting talking while they pretend to sleep.

Ok, woke everybody else up. Check. Got my snuggle. Check.

Aba is in the living room now. He will get my Flinstones down for me. He is still too blurry eyed to get that childproof cap off, but I can do it quick as a wink. Hmmmm. I think I will have a pink one this morning.

Abba is telling me to go get dressed. No. No. No. Ok. Gonna go pick out my clothes. Hmm, this striped shirt has pink on it. This skirt has stripes. Hey, these polka dot tights have pink too! Perfect. I am all matched up and ready to go. Wait. Which way do these tights go again. Oooops, they are backwards or something. Ima!!!

Wow. My tummy is grumbling! I need to eat breakfast. Ok, I am going to ask for a whole bown of cereal (with a cup of milk on the side) and eat a single cornflake and have a tiny sip of the milk. Great. Now I am ful and ready to go.

Abba put my first lunch in my tik. I get to roll my tik down the hill to school. I walk with Abba just to the park. Then I figure he will be okay and I run off down the hill to my school. Only babies need someoen to walk them right to the door! I don't even look back and wave as I run into my classroom.

There are lots of cool things in my classroom. I get to colour and to play in the house centre. There is even a computer and a screen for watching movies! After I play for a bit I am going to sit and sing nicely with all my friends as we are mitpallelim to Hashem. I can't see him, but I know that when we sing we are talking right to him! My ganenet told us to pretend we are standing in front of a King!

Ok, 10 o'clock. Time for lunch. My Ima and Aba think it is a little wierd that here kids eat their sandwhiches as a snack, but I am not sure they understand that us kids play much harder here than we did back home! There is so much running and jumping and giggling that I am always hungry!

Story time! I like stories. Every day I understand moreand more of the story! I don't think I speak Hebrew yet, but it is funny how much I am starting to understand. I even play with the other children using some of my new words. I am starting to be able to tell my teachers what I need and what I want, and am starting to understand their answers.

Now we have to do something really important. We are practicing for our Chanuka chagiga where all of the Imas and Abbas are going to come see us do a show! I love the dancing- I always remember to keep my hands on my hips (well, most of the time I do) and if I can't remember all of the words to the songs I just pretend.

Now is the real lunch. I get hot food every day here. Today we are having chicken, and salad and cous cous. I am just going to eat the cous cous today. I want ot stay milchiks because I want shoko after school.

Yay! We are going to go for a walk to see the animals down the street now, and then when we come back we get to play outside until our Imas or Abbas come get us. What a fun day I am having.

Hi Abba! How was ulpan? Can we stop at the park on our way home? Can I have shoko when we get home? Look Abba, I don't need any help anymore on the swing! I can pump, pump, pump my legs with no pushing! Hillel showed me how to do it. Ok, 1 more time on the slide before we go home. Please?

Ok Abba, one second. I just need to empty out all the sand from my shoes. Can we build a sandbox at home? With all the sand I bring home everyday we could fill it by ourselves very fast!

Ima, Abba said I could have a shoko so I am going ot get it from the fridge. Cut it open using my teeth like all the other kids? No way! What do you think I am, crazy? I need someone to open it for me with sizzors like a civilized lady!

Mmmm, good shoko. Ima, I'm hungry. No I do not want cheese. Or an egg. Or toast. Hmmm... maybe Bamba? No? But I like Bamba. Why do I need to have real food? Ooooh, peanut butter on a rice cake? That sounds good! Hey where is my milk that I left here this morning?

Today Ima said we could watch a movie on the computer. Something about Chanuka that she said I would like. We are learning all about chanukah in school. I brought home a beautiful stained glas candle I made this week that Ima put up in the window! Ima says this movie, "Lights" is her favourite movie. I love when I get to watch a movie with Ima on her computer. We snuggle down in bed with a nice warm blanket.

That was a good movie, but now I need to go get ready. Even though tonight is supposed to be ballet, tonight is the big children's Chanukah party at the matnas (community centre) instead. Normally we walk to the matnas, but as we borrowed a car for this week I get ot ride over in my carseat! I love my carseat. It keeps me safe and lets me see out the windows!

This party is great! I am making a huge mess on my hands decorating this thing with sparkles! Oooooh- wouldn't they be pretty in my hair! Ima, look, I am covered in purple sparkes. Aren't I pretty? While I am here I also get to make my very own leviva! Pushing the botton to chop the potatoes is so fun. I want more than one turn but I do not want to wait in line again. Oh well. I am going to paint a picture while I wait for my levivah to cook.

That was a great levivah. Things are always yummier when you make them by yourself.

Now I am going to sit with Ima to watch the magic show. I can't hear because the room is very noise. Some of the older kids do a funy play about making levivot. It is all in Hebrew but I am smart enough to get most of it. Ok, some of it. Ima is laughing.

After the party I get to listen to Uncle Moishie and to a Chanuka CD all the way to the kanyon (mall) in Modiin. I am going to go with Ima to find a Chanukah presant for Abba. I don't know where he is going. I wonder if there is a toy store.

Hi Abba! We found lots of cool stuff but I am nto going to tell you what we got. It is a surprise! Yipee!!! Abba said we could get dinner at the mall. I never got ot do this in Toronto. I get pasta with cheese and it is super yummy! (Ima and Abba both have sandwhiches that they say are good but do not look as good as my pasta with melty cheese!).

I think I will nap in the car on the way home.

When I get home I will brush my teeth and go straight to bed. At least that is what Ima wants me to do. I think I need to play a little bit first. Maybe I will colour...

Huh? How are we home already. Abba says I was sleeping, but I know I am not tired. Ok, maybe juts a little. I will only put up a little fight before bed. I am sort of excited to wear the new warm pink nightgouwn Ima got me... maybe I can just rest for a few minutes. That would be okay. Today has been a very fun and busy day.

Good dream. Probably something about princesses or rainbows. What? Huh? The sun is up! ...

(repeat ad nauseam)

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