Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to Hotel Swirsky...

My inlaws have returned to the tundra of the frozen north and we have turned the room into a bachelor pad for my brother. The quick turnaround time was a little difficult (we do not have a dryer and the sheets were not dry yet this morning to put on the bed before we went to go get him) but other than that it seems to have gone pretty smoothly.

Easier when the guest is from my side- I do not need to wear a hat all the time for starters!

In all honesty though it was nice to have my inlaws here. I know Channah and Jason were thrilled to have them here. We did a lot of neat touristy things that we would not normally do otherwise. We also ate out more than we have since we moved here! It was a little insane (but very tastey!)

And then, once my brother goes back to the ice and snow, my mom comes soon after (yay for mommy!!!)

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