Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shul chanuka Party

Wednesdaywe had sort of a quiet day. Channah and I were both sick so we spent most of the day drinking tea in warm, fleecy pajamas. Later afternoon we got dressed and lit candles and went off to the shul Chanahk Party. It was cute. They had an arts and craft for the kids. There was a funrasier selling Afrikan art. some of it was nice. Not my style, but nice. Some was- well, um... lets go with not as nice. Kind of creepy truthfully. Gave Channah a nightmare. we did not stay for the speach on Afrikan art.

There was nothing really to take a picture of, but I never really get to take pictures in the shul, so I took one to post here. What you are looking at is the main (and really only) room. It will, eventually, maybe, be the social hall, but for now it is the sanctuary/socialhall/classroom/kiddush room/boardroom. The Aron is behind the screen there at the front. Those two guys are playing decent jazz.

This is a picture with friends of ours who lived down the street in Toronto and now live down the street here. They daven at the same shul, have kids roughly the same age, and are lots of fun to be with. This has worked out rather well (for us. We have not really asked them what they think. I suspect we just do not want to know the answer!)

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