Monday, December 29, 2008

Heading North- Caesarea

Yesterday was our "big" chanukah tiyul. We packed up lunches, snacks, raincoats, sweaters, cds, maps, and cameras and went north to Caesarea.

Before leaving Bet Shemesh we went ot get our new bus cards. A bit of a pain, but on the whole pretty easy and fast. From there we all buckled in, put some uncle Moishe on the stereo, and headed North.

It was worth every single agurah of renting the car. The weather was perfect, the scenery was stunning, and the day a lot of fun. There were thigns there that interested all of us. The Audio visual presentation on the history of Caesarea was wonderfully well done. Modern and interactive and well laid out (although I wish there had been a little more time in some of the sections).

I did nto get any pictures of the actual roman theatre becuase we got there as the gates were closing.

I HIGHLY recommend it as a great touristy tihng to do while you are here. You get all the history of Masada with the scenery of of the Golan and the beach from Netanya.

The entrance to Caesarea National Park

Inside the ruins from above. It is a crusader era vaulted celing with an arrow protection window.

A "crusador era" movie theatre :)

Channah and I at the ruins of what was once a shrine to the god Mithros (god of the conquered sun). I just thought they would make a great backgdrop for a picture with me actually in it! (And it was a great place to stop to retie my sneaker!)

overlooking the water.
This sculpture of horses and a chariot stand at what used to be the charioters entrance into the hippodrome. Channah got to play charioteer!

The portico where the king would have sat to watch the game. This is near the oppotiste end of the hippodrome where the "finish line" would have been. Racers made 6 full turns around the track before making a final half turn to cross the finish line

Channah walking along what used to be the middle line around which the races took place.

The full length of the hippodrome. you can not even see the horse sculpture at the far end. Later in it's life this was used as a forum for gladiatorial fighting and games with wild beasts.

sitting on the "benches"

This is at the ruins of the seaside castle. channah took the picture :)

Some random passing stranger took this one for us. That is what remains of the Caesarea break water behind us.

Channah was a rather large pillar.

The water was amazingly clear. All you saw were the rocks at the bottom. I have no idea how deep it was, but it only looked a few inches deep if that. Remember, this is a deep water harbour!

Funny, you would think with water so clear this guy would have been able to see that there were no fish! He had been there the whole day, not a thing to show for it. I guess he is one of those "fishing for the sport of it" sort of guys.

Channah took this one too.

shops in the "artist colony". build on the remains of where shops would have stood durring the High days of Caesarea. It is also called the "cat's quarter" They were everywhere.

When Jason went off into the corner to daven mincha he collected almost a minyan's worth of cats just sitting and staring at him.
We happened onto an archery demonstartions as we were getting ready to leave.

Out little tiyuler.

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Shelly said...

That sounds really cool! She's a good photographer ;)

I was always amazed how clear the water in Israel is!

It's like that in central America as well