Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Arnona continued

So today Jason took the morning off of ulpan so that we could go to the Arnona (property tax) office and get the whole mess from last week dealt with. We called them to find out where they were and they gave us a street that was not on any of our maps. So we did what we always do, and called our "on call" map- Lorien.

She, of course, being the awesome resource that she is, gave us wonderful directions. And we, being the not so awesome recpeticles that we are, did not write any of them down.

So off we went. After about 20 minutes and lots of wrong turns we made it to the Mercaz (centre of town/downtown sort of thing) and the Irriya (city hall). Of course, turns out that is not where we were supposed to go to deal with the arnona. No- that place was up the street, make a right, then a left, then another left. Um, great, so after wandering around for another 20 minutes we managed to get to the right place.

To have someone tell us that the arnona office is closed on Tuesdays.

Forget the fact they have stupid hours every day of the week and are never open when most people can possible get there, but what kind of freakin' !#@$#%$^%&* government office is closed on TUESDAYS????

So now Jason will take off tomorrow morning ot try again.

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