Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Coffee Date

No no, not Jason and I (who has the time or the money for that?). Channah and Aunty Brenda!

Back in Toronto Channah loved to go to Aunty Brenda and Uncle Brian's house to play and sometimes even to sleep over. One of the things that was really special was that Aunty Brenda would make her a "special" hot chocolate. Before we left Aunty Brenda gave us some of the special hot chocolate ot take with us.

Tonight, we set up a "date" for Channah where she got ot talk to aunty Brenda while she had a hot chocolate!

She had a lot of fun and I think we will need to do it again. It was a great way of connecting with people she loves back in Toronto.

If anyone has any idea for other "phone dates" (or better yet "skype video phone dates") please let me know and we will be happy to arrange them from our end.

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Anonymous said...

We try to have Nati have video chat with his Nana (Zach's mom) at least once a week. It consists mostly of her listening to Nati babble and she'll try to get a word in edgewise.

Of course when we ask Nati "Where's Nana?" he looks over to the computer.