Monday, October 27, 2008

Update: Bris, Job Hunting, Elections

Today I went to the first Bris Milah I have been to in Israel. It was for my roommate when I was in Yeshiva's third son. It was nice to see him and his sister who I am also friends with. I also met up with someone who used to be in my shiur in Yeshiva. We had a nice time chatting. He has been learning in Kollel and is now looking to doing an online nursing or paramedics program. He helped guide me through the social norms that I am not used to.

The first major difference was that davening was not part of the bris. It was called for 9:15 which was late enough in the day for people to have already davened on their own. The father had to put on his tefillin again for the bris. After the bris there was a small kiddush before the meal. The meal consisted of chicken. Being fleish at 10:00 am is a little early even for me. There were four a total of four speeches with everything wrapping up at 11:15.

In the afternoon I went to Jerusalem to meet with a job councillor. She made some suggestions to improve my CV and where to start the job search. If anybody is on linkedin and has not joined my network, please add me to yours.

We received our voters cards for next month's municipal election. I have updated my politics blog with some commentary on the upcoming municipal and national elections. Speaking of elections Channah had a great insight this week. She saw a bus with a Shas election sign on it. She asked me if it was a "Pirate Bus". Given the way the negotiations to form a new government broke down, she is not that far off.

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Pesky Settler said...

The other difference (which we found out the hard way) is what is said at the Brit itself. If you were to open your North American Artscroll siddur to their Brit section and open an Israeli siddur to their Brit section, you'll see there are different things said.

We found this out AT Nati's Brit.. poor Zach studied for several months to get the Brachot and the other things that are said and then when he starts saying what's in his Artscroll siddur, the mohel and my uncle and several cousins are like ", not that, you say THIS" and hand him an Israeli siddur. Thankfully the Brachot are the same, but he was so flustered....