Friday, October 3, 2008

Random Stuff

Firstly, I changed up the side panel "about us" to be a little more recent. If you are a regular reader here it is nothing you do not already know, but I figured I could take out the bits about putting things up for sale before we leave.

Ok, now that business is out of the way...


A post went up on the Beit shemesh web list that someone was selling old novels for 5-20nis a piece. Come today.

So I did. I am getting rather desperate for new reading material as we did not bring any but our most favouritists reading list with us. We decided it was not worth it to ship novels we had already read but did not love.

I scored 11 new books :)

Happy Rachel!

This should keep me busy until well after yom tov! Ok, at least a little after yom tov.

(In other news. For those who warned me about certain facilities of the roughly once a month variety here- seriously, if that is what is worrying you about aliya (and you know who you are) don't let it. Facilities were way nicer than in Toronto. Sorry this took so long for me to post, but I did not want ot post it until we were well after the fact. Sorry for this little tangent. Hamayveen yaveen.)

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