Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We have Air Conditioning (now that we likely will not need it!)


3 1/2 weeks after reporting the problem we now have working central air. And boy does it work. we tested it last night and the place was cool in about 3 minutes!

Of course, the weather is cooling down to the point we do not even have anything other than the ceiling fan on at night (just for air circulation). Ah well, such is life.

It did take a while to fix, in truth a length of time that would never have been acceptable on Toronto, but by ISraeli standards it was not half bad. I think the landlord was getting just as frusterated at how often the repair guy was "supposed to" be here and did not make it as we were.

On the other hand, the whole thing was a royal pain in the tush. When the guy said he would be here one of us would stay home for him, but he would never show. Then he would come totally unannounced and complain and kvetch if we were not home. The repair guy was incredibly rude most of the time and screamed his requests for assistance and heaven help you if you were unavailable for a moment when he needed you.

Seriously, I was scared to go to the bathroom when he was here becuase I would get yelled at!

And, on top of that the guy only seemed to show up at night, (roughly 2 hours late most of the time) and needed teh power off, so we were stuck sitting in the dark! The unit is right outside Channah's window so she could nto go to bed while he was here. We put her ot bed in our room and moved her once he was done, but she di not sleep through the move and could not fall right back asleep, so it ended up being a real shlepp!

But, it works.

The landlord was here last night and told us he just got his electricity bill and it came in over 3500nis- seriously, that is over $1000 for the two months. I FREAKED. If that is what our bill is going ot be like, I do nto think we can offord to stay here. I called Lor in a panic, and she took a poll at games night at her place, and no one has even heard of such a terrible bill before. Most people said we should expect somewhere between 600-800nis every 2 months. I feel a lot better now, but am still going ot be nervous until we get the bill!

He also said something and I am not sure if it was meant as a complement or as an insult. He told us that when his son (the owner) was looking for a tennant for this place, he begged for "no new olim". Jason figures he would not hae told us that unless we allayed his fears- personally I think it was meant as more of a 'dis, but then again I tend to be a little (okay, a lot) over sensative!

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