Sunday, October 5, 2008

now taking reservations at Hotel Swirsky- book early as spots are filling up fast!!!

This coming shabbat we are having a family of 5.

No problem. We can do that. Parents in the "real" guest rooms, 2 boys on inflatables in the studio, and the little girl having a sleepover on the crib mattress (covered in sheets and blankets) on the floor in Channah's room.

Succot is going to be a little more challenging. One family of 4 and 3 seminary girls (one of whom is my cousin and I am really looking forward to having her). Ok, the men out in the succah on the inflatables. The sem girls in the "real" guest room (seems only fair as they are here 2 nights becuase for the rst of us after day one it is chol hamoed and our other guests go home). Mom and baby (our friends) in the studio. Mom on Jason's mattress which we will move into there and baby in pac and play. Girl will have a sleepover with Channah using the crib mattress.

The only fly in the ointment is that the "real" guestroom only has 2 beds and we have 3 sem girls. I posted an add on the city email list asking to borrow another inflatable or something. Otherwise we will move my matress in there, and for one night I can use Channah's bed and she and girl 2 can sleep in the succah on the crib mattress and pac and play matress with their fathers, and baby can share with his mom.

For meals we have another family of 4 joining us. This should be interesting. Inflatable beds will be collapsed and put into our room, tables will be brought out. 2 folding tables (6 people each) and a fisher price picnic table for the kids. I really hope it will all fit in the succah. We do not have nearly enough chairs. We have 10. We need to borrow a few from the family coming for yom tov to make it through. And that is assuming we bring the dining room chairs outside (though truthfully I see no reason not to).

Serving space is going to be totally non existant.

Oh, and did I neglect to remind you that the two entrances to the mirpeset are through our bedroom and through the bathtub room that leads to the laundry room that leads to the mirpeset?

I have not even thought about the menu! Thank Goodness I do not tihnk I have too many really picky eaters coming. One friend can not have legumey sort of things, but other than that I think I have free reign.

Currently thinking fairly standard chicken and whatnot for dinner, and bubbie's cabage rolls for lunch.

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