Thursday, October 2, 2008


Can't sleep.

I woke up with my head so itchy I thought I was going to scratch my skin off. Everyone here has me so neurotic about lice I god up, grabbed the lice comb, a loup and a mirror and went on a bug hunt.


Zippo, zilch, zero.

I bought a new shampoo this week (same brand I used to use back home) and stopped using Jason's head and shoulders. I have been itchy ever since. I think this hard water is wreaking havoc on my hair, and leaving me with a dry scalp that is, in turn, insanely itchy.

Which is, in turn, feeding my nerosis about lice.

Which is driving me insane.

I'm telling you. The big things I am getting used to. The little, tiny, creepy crawly things are going to drive me up a wall.

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