Sunday, October 5, 2008


The last few days have been mostly routine. On Friday the Vaad HaBayit came around to collect money (similar to condo fees). As soon as he identified who he was we just asked how much and who do we make the check payable to. He had this long speech about what it was and what it covered and how it was different then in North America. Clearly he is used to people arguing with him. The fees are quite reasonable especially considering how well maintained our building is and that our Shabbos elevator is used.

Our A/C is still not fixed. It was supposed to be done today, but the service has again been rescheduled for tomorrow.

My favourite announcement from Shabbos, "Tonight the country is switching off of daylight savings time. We urge you to consider changing your clocks ahead before going to bed tonight."

I did not realize there were people who wouldn't want their clocks to have the correct time.

The Rabbi had been so inspired by his Shabbos Drash that it inspired him to make sure their was an added level of oneg with his family on Friday night. To be able to be inspired by his own words speaks volumes about the Rabbi.

Friday night it was just us for a quiet dinner. Shabbos lunch we had our friends with their twin daughters. We had a great time.

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