Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shavua Tov

Well the place is a disaster but Hotel Swirsky is clearly officially open for business. we just had a family of 5, good friends of ours from Toronto who now lie just outside of Tel Aviv, stay with us for shabbat. By the end of the night all thek ids were getting on each others nerves, but kids will be kids. Frankly, there was enough room and I think overall it went really well.

The boys were in the studio, the parents in the main guest room, and the daughter in with Channah.

We also had theo ccasion to have our first "bachurs" from a local yeshiva and ended up with 2 Toronto guys, one of whom is a friend of my sisters. It was amusing. All our guests actually knew each other and we were actually the odd ones out! Bizzare how hospitatliy in Israel works out some of the time...

Be that as it may.

Good to know my sense of proportion is coming back. I made the right ammount of food. We have 2 ish pieces of sheppards pie left, a couple pieces of broccoli kugel, 2 pieces of dessert and some tuna from seudat shelishit. Not bad at all.

We went to Soleveitchik again, and I think I agree with Jason that Menorat Hameor is friendlier. Apparently the Rabbi came up to Jason at mincha to ask if eerything was okay since he had not been there in the morning. Jason invited him to the housewarming party we are having this Wednsday and apparently he is actually going ot try to come.

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