Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Absorbing Israeli Culture

It has been approximately been a year since we finalized the decision to move to Israel. It is amazing how much Israeli culture we have absorbed in the last almost 11 months.

I noticed today that I have a tendency to put the noun before the adjective when writing sentences in English.

I was looking at some flyers for summer camps. One advertised that it was run by 13 year olds. Starting age for running a camp is usually 11. What caught me off gaurd was they each had 4 (yes four) years of experience.

As we have a spare guest room we had guests staying with us for a really fancy Auf Ruf one building down the hill. We were told they were a family of 4 until they showed up with 3 kids. Turned out she was within a week of her due date. When they did not return by 11:30pm we concluded they were not coming back. Then I went outside and heard that they were singing Shiur HaMalot. 20 minutes later I went outside and heard them finishing the end of benching. They returned 12:15 am.

I still have moments where I can't believe I actually live here and how much I love it.

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