Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Sound of Silence

So I have posted a number of times about the local email list and how it can have its moments. Two days ago someoen posted asking whether there was anyone else planning ot go up to a free Simon and Garfunkel tribute concert at the Hertzaliya marina.

We had not been planning on it, but hey, now that you have mentioned it, that sounds like fun! So we decided to be spontaneous (a day in advance) and booked a sitter. Jason decided he could skip the shul meeting (when he looked at it logically happy wife way more useful than happy shul in the long run).

Anyhow, so we grabbed pizza for dinner (quick, easy and leftovers for lunches) fed Channah before the sitter got here and were ready to leave right when we wanted to be. We are enjoying this whole having use of a car thing. We grabbed the ipod and some cruddy speakers and were off.

We got to within 5km of where we wanted to be before we hit traffic, then got off the highway to head the wrong direction. concert started at 8- we got to the marina around 5 after and spent 15 minute or more lookign for parking. Got to the concert around 8:30.

First thing to know is that the marina is gorgeous! It is not just a bazillion boats like most of the ones I have seen. This has a boarwalk, a big mall, lots of cafes and restaraunts (many kosher, none mehadrin that we saw- bit there is a mehadrin ice cream option). Nice arcade :)

The concert stage was set up at the bottom end of the marina. There is a huge open concrete area that had loads and loads of keter* chairs. Every seat, I would guess about 400 (but we all know I am terrible at this game) was taken. People were on the ground, on the docks, even sitting on the fences. Staff were bringing out more and more chairs. Forget any sort of fire safety or anything like that. Moving any direction was by special request only.

Jason and I found seats on the dock that were not bad until someoen stood right in front of us. By the time the show was partway over though and some people had left so we were able to just move to normal seats about 2/3 of the way back.

The concert itself was wonderful. It was a Simon & Garfunkel tribute band and they were really good. I guess the part thatamused me most was that it had never occoured to me the patter, and even some parts of the songs, was in Hebrew. It was actually really nice ot be comfortable enough in both languages to understand jokes that went back and forth and what not. On the other hand, it is wierd to hear some of my favourite lines of music sounding remarkably less familiar.

We wandered around the marina for a bit after. Checked out thebooths of "Made in Israel" crafts set up along the water's edge. Nope. Did not buy anything. It was really nice. Oh, bought some marshmellow bananas in honour of making abba want to come back to visit... (hamayvin yavin).

*Keter is sort of like rubbermaid but way, way better. They make pretty much everything under the sun. We have lots of odds and ends that are keter. I doubt there is a home in the country with no keter stuff.

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