Monday, July 6, 2009

Is moshiach here yet? Of course not.

There are times where the place I live terrifies me.

Not because every day we are inching closer to a war with Iran. I can deal with that. I made my peace about moving to a country constantly on the brink of war before getting on the airplane- anyone who tells you they did not contemplate the issue in one way or another while weighing the aliya options is lying. That sort of fear comes part and parcel with Israel citizenship.

No, what scared the living daylights out of me is, shall we say, certain "darker" members of our society- and in no way am I referring to skin colour.

This morning I got up, got dressed, remembered I had to go to the post office, then got dressed again. The local post office is "there". There were no one will look me in the eye and God only knows what will happen if I enter dressed in sandals.

I live right in the heart of one of the craziest areas of the country where Hareidi and Dati Leumi and Chiloni and all sorts of other fairly meaningless classifications of people clash regularly. I live in an area known to be so insane that Chareidim from other areas think that ours are loony. Granted that, for the most part, the "crazies" are few and far between and live "down there"- but they are still around and that 1 or 2% are vocal enough to being a bad rep for the rest of the community.

This morning I came home from the post office to find my mail box stuffed with tznius patrol sort of stuff. A full colour, gloosy pamphlet that included diagrams to show me exactly what was, and what was not acceptable. A recent change at my health care facility- public owned and open to everyone who pays membership, is now informing people who need appointments that they must come in "appropriate attire". Thanks maccabi. If I have a kitchen accident I will be sure to take the time to put on socks before I rush over.

But it is not just here that things are getting out of hand. These few darker elements of an overal good society are becomeing more extreme and more violent on a quickly increasing scale. I do not understand how anyone, anywhere, can justify the riots taking place in Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh.

Is being mechalel shabbat by driving against the rules set forth by the Torah and masorah? Yes. Should I do my best to make sure that if there is soemthing I can do to lesson the levels of those being mechalel shabbat in this world? Maybe. Should I do it with violense so I can make sure that my position is clear and that there is no way on God's Earth that such a thing can be allowed to continue? No way in Hell!

I am not sure where this is going. I am just frusterated with the sickening perversions of a faith I hold true and the way it is being portrayed to people- and not only to outsiders! I am just as easily influenced to be "anti" as any non believer out there.

The whole thing saddens and disgusts me.


Anonymous said...

I like what you have to say. I wonder what would happen if Moshiach showed up and looked "not yeshivish"- would they be able to let their guard down and open themselves to true spirituality???????? If not, it might be trouble for them

happyduck1979 said...

Have you ever seen the poem "Moshiach's Hat? It speaks directly to your question.

Aunty B said...

Hey Rachel,
Now you are starting to sound like me. Whah Happened ???

Love Aunty B