Monday, July 27, 2009

New apartment- unpainted (master bedroom)

Walk in closet part 1

reverse view

ensuite. Toilet is behind me.

MAster bedroom. Yeah I know. Carpet. wtf?


Shelly said...

So what's the deal with carpet in the apt? You gonna have to buy a vacuum?

happyduck1979 said...

1) carpet = warm.
2) no vaccuum
3) ugly
4) ugly
5) ugly

Shelly said...'s want it warm???

And how do they put carpet on stone? glue? I can't imagine carpet tacks would work.

How are you going to clean it with no vacuum!?

happyduck1979 said...

no, that is the problem- the carpet will make it warmer and that SUCKS! Gonna have to get a vaccuum. No idea how it is stuck down, but it looks well stuck down.

Shelly said...

Yuck. That sounds way annoying. And sand! Double yuck! Does Israel have Craigslist or Freecycle? Mayhaps you can get a vacuum from there?

happyduck1979 said...

Technically we do, but it is totally useless.

such is life.

Shelly said...

Same here. I have to do the DC Craigslist to find anything good. But BOY do they have some awesome stuff!