Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AT&T SocialNet is Launched

I started my current job just under 5 months ago. I am a QA Tester for cell phone software. It is completly different than any of the jobs I have had in the past. The job is a great fit for me, plus I have the bonus of 'having' to use Facebook and Twitter at work.

Today AT&T officially launched AT&T Social Net This is the main program I have been working on. It combines Facebook, Twitter, RSS and MySpace into one application on your phone. The program is completly free, although it is not recommended to be used without an unlimited data plan.

It is really cool, to see a project that I have put so much hard work into finally in the market place. I just keep thinking how cool it is that a problem I noticed and was fixed could effect the user experience of millions of people.

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