Thursday, July 2, 2009

I cried because she had no shoes

Lor and I decided to take the kids to do something fun so we packed everyone in to her car and went off to Modiin to Eretz Nehaderet- and indoor playground sort of thing. We got there in decent time and figured there was about an hour for the kids to play before we had to get back on the road to come home. The kids took off their shoes, put them into cubbies and went off to play. They ran, they climbed, they jumped, they bounced, they slid and they rode the mini train until we told them it was time to get ready to go.

Channah ran back to where her shoes were- only there were not shoes there. She came back to tell us her shoes were gone. Lor was going over that way anyway so she sort of rolled her eyes and said she was going to go look. she came back. "Rach? The shoes really are not there."

So of course I did the eye roll thing and went over. Surprise surprise no shoes.

So I looked all over the place. Under jackets, on climbing areas. No shoes.

It seems someone had walked off with Channah's sandals! 200 shekel down the drain. Do you know how hard it is to find shoes for a kid with a long but AAA width foot?

So I went to ask the guy at the door if there was anywhere else it could be (lost and found? a different shoe cubbie) "Not my responsability he sais. When I try to ask if I can leave contact information and a description in case it turns up he just keeps repeating "not our responsability". Gee thanks buddy.

Eventually I found a staff member willing to humour me and pretend to take the information and my card with my number on it.

I suspect they will never get a 2nd thought from anyone but me.

So we drove back to Beit Shemesh with her barefoot. Once she understood that I was not angry at her (she had put them where she was supposed to!) she took the whole tihng like a trooper. We took her to two different shoe stores locally to try to find shoes, but not a single pair would fit. I have been told about one more local place to try so we will likely go Friday- if that does not work out I am going ot take her back to Jerusalem to where we got the first pair.


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