Thursday, July 23, 2009

New stuff in the studio

I have started a small side project where I am running a seminar for chattanim to make their own wedding rings. It is 2 sessions, the first they learn and practice basic metalsmithing skills on copper or brass, and in the 2nd, they work on pre-purchased gold to actually make their own wedding rings.

I only just started running the program and so far have had some success. The students seem to really enjoy it, and because they are so in to it, I really enjoy teaching the class.

Hopefully it will turn into a nice side stream, and I hope to add some different jewelery making classes in the near future.

For pictures and a little of what people are saying about the new program please visit


Aunty B said...

Wow Rachel,
I browsed your, and it is soooo amazing. What a wonderful idea having a class for the groom to make the it! Keep the guy busy while all the wedding planning happens. Maybe you could also do a class on making your own cutlery...milchik and fleishik !
Also what a shmancy website. Good luck with the classes and keep up the creativity.
Love Aunty B

happyduck1979 said...