Monday, July 13, 2009

Swimming Swimming

We started giving Channah swimming lessons this summer. Got her a gorgeous new bathing suit (thanks Deb) that was big enough to fit 4 of her into so we are using this hand-me -down one for now with it just so happens she LOVES so we are good in any case.

She is taking lessons in a backyard pool about a 15 minute walk away and I am really thrilled with the class and the teacher. 6 girls, roughly the same age, the teacher, and an assistant.

Anyhow, so we decided to take her swimming on Friday sio she could practice. There is a pool about a 15-20 minute drive from here. It is mixed swimming, but I wore a t shirt and a skirt made of swimsuit material. It actually worked out really well.

They had a full sized pool and and a little kiddie pool that we let her go into once she finished "practicing" with Jason and I. All in all it was a great day- except for the fact Jason got a nasty sunburn (which is funny as he was the only one of us wearing any sunscreen).

Since I can't post a pic in the Aunty Deborah Bathing suit, I will post one in the aunty Deborah terry dress that makes awesome throw on top of a bathing suit for the bus ride home after swimming lessons or ice cream after a family day at the pool dress.

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