Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Avatiach avatiach a a-vatiach..

In honour of Channah's first day of camp being "Yom Watermelon", I figured I would post what I have learned about this heavy hitter of a summer fruit.

Nothing quite says summer like watermelon does it? Seriously, around here you know summer is coming because every makolet is full of green orbs and little old ladies asking you to lift them into their carts. It is all good though since you can then ask them how the heck to know if it is a good one.

I have had lots of little old bubbies give me lots of answers. It should smell sweet. If should have a little give to the shell (who knew watermelons had a shell? Are we cross breeding them with eggs now?) They should have no smell becuase if they do it means they are over ripe. The crust (yes, she said crust) should be hard and firm.

Yeah. Helpful huh?

So I googled for help. What I have learned.

  • Look at the bottom of the melon for a yellow or cream patch that was directly on the soil while it was growing. If it is green or white it was nto sitting long enough and is likely not yet ripe.
  • The outside should be firm and DULL green. If it is light looking or bright it is not a good sign.
  • If you tap it it should sound like your hand is sort of bouncing off it- not hollow and not like hitting concrete.
  • It should be heavy realtive to its size.
  • Doo not buy watermelon that was refridgerated. It goes bad much quicker.
  • Watermelon does not ripen once it has been picked so do not get a pre-ripe one and hope it will mature in your kitchen.
To store your watermelon, keep it in a cool dry place, but only put it in the fridge about 12 hours before you want to serve it. Refridgeration has been shown to make them go bad a lot faster. Try to wash your emlon before you cut it so as not to get the germs from the skin into the actual fruit. (I know, who am I kidding right?)

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