Monday, July 20, 2009

Random this and that.

Channah floated today all by herself for like, well.. at least 1 and a half seconds! Truthfully, the fact that her teacher is helping her get over being terrified of water is way more important to me than any actual skills she learns. She is standing in chin high water on her own, dunking, blowing bubbles with her entire face in the water, and will tentatively hold a flutter board or water noodle and float/kick. Whether she "swims" or not I totally think we have gotten our money's worth. Two weeks ago this child would not get in to water more than knee deep withough strangling the nearest adult.

In other news we are all well on the road to being healthy again! My voice is still gone, and we are all still coughing but we are back to our normal routines and scheduals. Thank Goodness!

Finally, my webhost switch went over with lots and lots of hitches, but everything finally seems to be working properly.

Now if only we would actually get started on packing and the fact we are moving in 2 weeks we might be in business...

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