Sunday, July 26, 2009

A sort of but not exactly electrifying day...

We were away visiting friends in Modiin elite for shabbat. we had a great time, and by the time we got home and finished winding down last night it was well after midnight. We did not really even start thinking of going to bed until around 2. Now it may not necessarily sound like the worst thing in the world when you live in chutz la'aretz, but clearly you are forgetting that Sunday is a workday here. On top of not falling asleep right away, I was also up around 4 am becuase I was having really wierd dreams. First I dreamed that mom and abba had informed us they were having another baby and it's name was going to be Shiraq with a silent q that is pronounced George, then another one where I was friends with a lion that was stalking me.

Yes I know. I have wierd dreams. Moving on. Suffice it to say that when the alarm clock rand this morning I was seriously not interested in listening to it. Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed, get dressed and get Channah down to her carpool for camp. I came back upstairs, turned on the fan as today was set to be another scortcher, and colapsed into my bed for what I hoped would be a really long sleep. The plan was to do a bunch of work and packing when I woke up.

About 45 minutes later I woke up broiling. The fans were off. Ok, no problem, I went to check the fuse box. Hmmm, everything was fine there. Yeah, long story short, the chashmal (electric) company had cut our power! Seems they had gotten the Sunday of our move slightly confused and shut it off at 9:30 this morning. Ok, they will turn it back on somewhere between 2 and 6 pm. did I mention there is a service charge for this?

So it was hot. I was exhausted and very, very cranky. None of my power tools will work (you try setting the stone on the *inside* of a ring with no power tools and no air conditioning! I lasted about 15 seconds before giving up). Packing with schvitz running down your back is incredibly unplesant. I shut the tris in our room, soaked my hair, and grabbed a book (our room seems to stay the coolest most of the time).

Channah got home from camp and let me tell you with no fan and no a/c she was no happier than I was. In fact, since she refused to wet her hair she was worse!

So I was trying to figure out what to do with a grouchy, sticky, hot five year old. I decided to let her go to the makolet to get a popsickle. I could not go anywhere as I was waiting for chashmal people to show up. So for the first time I sent her alone. I send her to the makolet just down the block that has no streets to cross. I gave her 20 shekel, told her ot get me a cold diet coke and pick a treat for herself.

She was SUPER excited! She went running out the door with her little money pouch. She came back about 10 seconds later. Wait, Ima- where is it again? What am I getting?

A glass a milk, a crust a bread and a stick ug buttah

Wait, scratch that :)

Ok so we went over the whole thing again. Seh was pretty sure she had it now. I reminded her to come right home after, an so she took her little pink polka dot pouch and off she went.

About 10 minutes later I hear the door slam.

"Hey Chan. How was it?" (expecting a bouncy and excited 5 year old).

"Terrible. They had no candy."

Wait, what? They have a whole wall of candy. And a huge thing of ice cream and popsicles.

"They only had donuts and I did not know if I was allowed a donut and I do not know how to say donut".

Oy. She had gone to the felafel place. I knew that becuase they had an add campaign running about selling American style donuts.

Ok, so we worked out that she did not see the makolet (next door to the felafel place and lots of stuff out in front of it) and so she went to the felafel place that had soda, got the diet coke, but then was upset there was no treat for her- jsut felafel and donuts! So I asked her if, now that she knew where she was supposed to go she wanted to try again. As both places had air conditioning and we still did not she was game.

But she wanted to know if she could have the donut. I told her sure. The next question "How do I say donut?". She was a little surprised to learn that "donut" would work just fine. she left and came back about 10 minutes later happy as a clam (are clams really that happy?) with my change and her donut.

We did osme sorting of old shoes and clothes and then the chashmal finally came back on so I got a bunch of work done before my piano student showed up. I have another ring seminar student hopefully starting tomorrow so I had some stuff to get ready for that as well. We actualy went out to dinner (mmmm aroma salads and ice chocolate milk!) and raced home so I could finish the work stuff before clients came to pick up their items.

So my day really only started at 4 o clock. I managed to get everything done that I wanted to that I had budgeted a whole day for. I did NOT get any normal packing done- but lets face it. Have I ever moved with enough notice for it to not always be last minute? I just did not want this move to think it was special...

In other news, Congrats Gasners on getting your stuff. does that mean we can come for shabbat now? Actually, b'h we are good for I think the next 2 weeks around the move- I love our friends and neighbours around here!

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