Monday, July 27, 2009

Gratuitous cuteness

And, as she is 5, we need to also include grumpy, frustrated, exhausted Channah. Just so we can share this lovely pleasure!


Shelly said...

We hung out with a friend of mine and her little girl (about Asher and Chana's age) this past week.

She had apparently a typical girly drama grump fest and Dan was like o_0
" that.....normal for a girl...?"
"Yes dear. How long have you been married to me?"
"....and you want a girl?"

It was funny. Dan doesn't know anything about girls. Maybe it's better that we only have boys...

happyduck1979 said...

girls can get grouchy. 5 year old can get grouchy. Put the two together, and all I can say is at least she is not a man! Boy can they get grouchy!

Shelly said...

True dat! Men definitely get grouchier then any other gender or age group. And they say WE have PMS!