Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boo Pics :)

Here we have Channah's first trip to the kotel. We told her that it was a special place where you could ask Hashem for anything you want, and it is a little bit easier for him to hear you. Ok, so it is not exactly accurate, but it seemed pretty good for a rather precocious four year old. We told her that we backed away becuase we wanted to be able to look at the kotel for as long as possible. We davened at the wall, she touched the stones, we gave some tzedakah, then had a snack while we waited for Jason to finish his davening.

Here she is on her first day of camp being "twins" with Chana B.


Shelly said...

she is so cute! and so tiny!

happyduck1979 said...

yep and yep :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I love the 'twins' with the nice new dresses adn the grubby crocs.