Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something to write home about

The last two days have been a little slower pace than last week. That will begin to change tomorrow as the next two days are big running around days. We get our apartment next week and the real craziness will begin.

Yesterday was my birthday. Just like the only other time I had a birthday in Israel it was very low key. I had tons of greetings. I got to speak to my Aunt and Uncle for the first time since landing. I also spoke with my father and some others. At dinner DW & L had gone out and bought a swiss roll cake. I really appreciated the effort, especially since they tried to find a black forest cake. DW bought a beautiful glass kiddush cup and a key change (with the shopping cart insert).

Boo stayed home from camp as an extra percaution. As she was feeling better, we took all of the kids out for the afternoon. It was one of these indoor play places. They also had 4 inflatable water slides outside. It took Boo a little bit of time to get used to climbing the ladders with kids, who did not understand personal space or waiting your turn. I yelled at one kid for pushing Boo headfirst into the water. After a short time Boo was getting along great.

There were some Haredi kids there as well. They were wearing white undershirt, white underwear, the girls also wore white tights. I understand that keeping kids tznius in a swimming enviornment can be challenging. At least have them wear clothes that don't become clinging and see through when they turn wet.

Today was another quiet day. In the morning I went to pick up an old TV to interface with Boo's computer. I don't think it has the right ports that we need. DW went out shopping for milchek pots in the afternoon. In the evening we got a sitter and went out with our hosts for dinner. We went to Burgers Bar for Lamb Burgers. DW stuck with homeburger. Wow were they good. Definitly something to write home about. So I am.

Tomorrow is another busy day. We are going to the bank in the morning to get our bank cards. We need to make payment arrangements for a number of things that were waiting for our bank card. I have a job interview in Jerusalem.

I have learned a very important lesson. Bamba is the ultimate babysitter. Stick a bag in front of a whining kid, upset that there parent has to go out and they will be content. It's just like TV but the child's brain doesn't turn to mush.

Quote of the week from Shabbos: "You guys are those confused zionists. Real zionists intend to make Aliyah and buy Israeli bonds instead"
We cashed out our Israeli bonds in order to make Aliyah.

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