Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Broke the Bank

I have a long standing track record for clumsiness and breaking things. For the most part I have not been to bad until the last few days. On Friday, I found Rachel's cell phone charging in a glass of water. A couple of mishaberachs and time out in the heat, it has managed to have a speedy and complete recovery.

We do not have access yet to most of our funds that have been transferred to our Israeli bank account. We needed to access money from our Canadian bank account in order to buy all of the things we need to set-up our apartment. I went to the bank machine of our local branch. I had to wait in line for my turn. I entered a number that was close to the maximum daily withdrawal on my card. OVER THE LIMIT. So I reduced the amount by 500 NIS. OVER THE LIMIT. I reduced the amount I was trying to withdraw by another 500 NIS. OVER THE LIMIT. I reduced the amount by another 1000 NIS. OVER THE LIMIT, THIS MACHINE IS TERMPORARILY OUT OF SERV

ICE. Oops. There were now 5 people behind me in line. Plus the bank is supposed to be open on Sundays because it is closed on Friday. It wasn't.

I went to the other bank on the next block. Once I realized that it was a touchscreen, I had no problem withdrawing the money we needed.

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