Tuesday, August 19, 2008

money money money money...

Now that we have our teudot zehut we were able to open our cheshbonot (accounts) at the local bank. We looked around and decided to go with Bank Hapoalim. Everything else aside, they seemed the most easy to get answers from. Since all the fees were basically the same across the board, that was a good enoguh reason for us. The fact that the branch manager and financial planner are also olim and native English speakers is just a bonus.

Other than that, I am sorry to say that I am afraid we wiped out a whole forrest of trees this morning. There was more paper work to open the account and arrange for credit/debit cards than there was to becoem citizens! Seriously, I think we each signed at least 3 trees out of existance!

But it is done. On the list for this afternoon is starting the health care process (we have to have the form stamped at the post office) and making a first attempt at getting Channah into school. We are also hoping ot get cell phones so we can stop needing to borrow one from our ever patient hosts so that we can call if (ok, when) we get lost.

If we get through all of that we are doing pretty well. I am feeling rather productive.

Oh, I also bought two really light weightpretied tichels and a light hat. With the short haircut I got in Montrael I can not get regular tiches to stay on. I wanted to buy everything in the store, then I remembered... I LIVE THERE NOW!!! I CAN COME BACK!

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