Friday, August 15, 2008

Honey, I'm home!

After a long and exhausting "day" (that started Early Wednesday morning Toronto time and ended late Thursday night Israel time, I am proud ot say that Jason, Channah and I have made it home. Ok, not to our home, but to one that is willing to take us in for a few weeks until ours is available.

Be that as it may.

Once we finished saying our good bye (a tearful affair ot the level that I am pretty sure I saw animals going by two by two) and got through security we were mostly fine... mostly. The emotional meltdowns have basically stopped... at least for now. We have moved from the saying good bye process to the saying hello part of the show- and this part is a whole lot easier.

Over the next few posts I will write about the day in more detail, this is just to let you know that we are here, we are happy, and we are fine. It has been an exhausting few days, but I think we have made it through the *most* difficult transition (not that there are going to be a million others, but being torn apart from everyone who loves us was an ache with which we did not know how to cope.)

Here are a few of pictures for now.


Pesky Settler said...

Bruchim haBaim!!!

Once my own move is over with, we are SO getting together!

Shelly said...

wow. so you actually shipped all your stuff? i probably would have sold and started over!

make sure you post more pics!