Thursday, August 28, 2008

Take me down to paradise city...

Took both girls (Chana Bet and Channah Samech) to the old city.

On the buss on the way in we sat in the very back row. The girls bumped around and had a blast!

Our Channah really wanted to go to Migdal David (David's citadel, David's Tower, whatever the heck you want to call it). She had an image of a castle like Casa Loma in her head. We figured she would in for a shock and would be disappointed.

We were wrong.

We told the kids they had to find the red clues in order to get to the end of "the maze". (The arrows to each of the exibits were red). All in all we quite enjoyed it.

After we finished we went ot find my cousin's store that my mother told us was on the cardo but is actually right on the square in the rova. Nice store. He gave us a nice print of a tehillim microcalligraphy. I like the mocrocalligraphy things so this worked out well for me :) I need ot get a couple of frames though before I put up all the ones we have.

We took them for lunch and then to the kotel.

Then we took the bus home.

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