Thursday, August 21, 2008

Off to bed with ye'

Or at least, off to bed for Jason and I. No, not like that. I mean we went this morning and bought mattresses and beds and all is okay with life. Our new landlord has agreed to store them in his machzan (storage space and oppposed to mazgan, air conditioner, that I orriginally wrote. Ooops!) temporarily until the old tenants move out, and they will hopefully be delivered some time next week (so we can just move them upstairs when we move in on the first.)

We also settled on a table and chairs from the same place. I love them. It extends from 90 cm by 120 cm to double it's length at 240 cm. Perfect! We ordered 6 chairs as well. It is a lovely dark brown colour that will look great with the rest of our salon furniture, and it has a wipe clean beige seat.

I will post pictures when I can. It is going to look fantastic with the piano and the noah's ark credenza.

Then we went to buy the one major appliance we are still missing... a fridge. We found one at the 2nd place we went to. It is smaller than what we had at home, but we also will not be taking leftovers from everyone we know every time we go to family for dinner! We are hoping it will be big enough. The next size up was an extra 1500 nis, (so almost double!) and we just did not want to spend it.

Yes it has room for ice cube trays and ice cream. But not much more in the freezer.

So yeah. All in all a pretty productive day!


Yaffa said...

Hi! I really enjoy reading your experiences settling in here! It's interesting hearing someone my age describe the challenges and successes in settling into Israeli life, especially since it seems almost foreign to me since I essentially grew up here.

Just a minor correction, I hope you don't mind. Mazgan and air conditioning. Machsan is storage space.

Good luck with the rest of your Aliyah/settling process, and welcome to Israel!

happyduck1979 said...

Thank you. I learned both words on the same day and confused the two. I am working on it :)