Friday, August 22, 2008

Monday August 18th The Last Few Days

It is time for a brief update on the last few days.

Friday: Took the bus into the old city. Visted the Kotel. When Boo touched the Kotel she thought about morah's message to think of her. We then got lost looking for a store that was supposed to be on the cardo. We then attempted to take a taxi. It got pulled over 20 ft later trying to leave through dung gate. The driver didn't have his proper papers and jumped out to the car to deal with the police. He had left the metre running. After 5 minutes we decided not to keep waiting and went to take a bus to the mall. We had KFC for lunch. (That was really good). They have a Pizza Hut next door that I intend to return to. We then took the train back to prepare for Shabbos.

Shabbos: We stayed in RBS half a block from our apartment. They made early Shabbos at 5:40. We met lots of nice people and got a tour of the neighbourhood. When testing out shuls a 5 minute walk is considered a negative for beeing too far. There are something like 18 shuls within a 3 minute walk. We are really happy with our choice of where to live. We can't wait to move in.

Sunday: Boo started camp. She had a great time. DW and I went to Tel Aviv by train, so she could check out some jewelry suppliers. We then went to Sbarros for lunch. After a miscommunicatio
n asking for directions we ended up taking the bus back to the home we are staying with.

Monday: Got a call from my SIL in the morning that Rogers had screwed up transferring my MIL e-mail account. Dealt with Rogers. Got a ride into RBS to pick up our apartment rental contract. We picked up Boo from camp early and took her to see the new apartment. She had her choice of room and picked the right one. We have a beautiful view from our balcony. We really like the apartment.

We took the bus to the NBN offices to pick up our Teudah Zhoot (We are now officially Israeli citizens). We got some information on different health care providers and banks. We asked one bank rep if they had a branch in RBS. He responded with "Are there banks in RBS?" There were cell phone reps that were even more useless. We will go into a store tommorrow instead. We then went to Centre 1. We had lunch/dinner at the restaurant in the middle. The food was really good with generous portions, plus the excitement of eating in the restaurant at the mall. We then bussed back to the place we are staying.

Some of the many things we are hoping to accomplish tommorrow include bank account and cell phones.

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