Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boxed into a corner

Just bringing our backlog of pictures up to date.

This here is what Channah's room looked like before we left. The movers had decided that it was the right place to use for storing already packaged items. Inside each of those packages is some item of our furniture be it cabinet, artwork or pillow. Yes, they even packaged the pillows. In cardboard. Meaning they took up twice as much room in a container with limited space. Of course, that still was not as bad and having to ship the dressers and their drawers empty and packaged individually.

And here is my living room at the end of the packing day.

Dining room at the end of packing day

Living room end of loading day

Dining room end of loading day


Shelly said...

so did they pack it all for you?

happyduck1979 said...

no, we packed all our clothing, books, toys and "stuff". They did the gurniture and the fragile stuff.